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Former University of Detroit President, Malcolm Carron, S.J. passed away April 19, 2005               

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Charlie Huckabay has passed away on December 30, 2011 at age 63.

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University of Detroit 1940 - 1985

The Saint Francis Club was a unique fraternal organization at the University of Detroit. Its members were drawn together by a common bond not characteristic of other campus organizations. That is all members had to be out-of-town students.

St. Francis Club tradition extends for almost six decades. The Saint Francis Club was founded in 1940 in the basement of what was Hathaway House. In the years following, it grew, expanded and changed greatly. The Saint Francis Club last occupied an attractive building opposite the U of D Science Building on Livernois Avenue.

This building was dedicated in 1963 and the active members of the Alumni Club assisted in paying off the building mortgage.

Saint Francis Club provided its members with a place to relax, to have fun, to enjoy wholesome, inviting menus. Of course, along with the fun, each member had the responsibility of contributing to the welfare and upkeep of the club.

SFC members usually didn't have to worry about "sitting around the dorms" on weekends. There was a full program of social events.

Highlighting the social program was an event unique to the U of D campus - the St. Patrick's Day Tug of War. An entire week-end celebration surrounded this traditional battle between the Irish and German factions of the Club.

The Club building itself became home for its members. The lounge and recreation room were liberally endowed with comfortable couches and chairs providing a place for members to get together and discuss their current interests and projects.

After over forty years of providing comradeship and a place of enjoyable relaxation and study, the Club closed its doors in 1985 due to lack of membership to sustain the overhead of maintaining the facility. In 1986, the University of Detroit purchased the building and it later became home to the Polymer Institute, a for-profit organization.

The Saint Francis Club Alumni Foundation remains active today.  For almost fifteen years we sponsored a scholarship at the University of Detroit Mercy.  Recently a decision was made to donate the remaining funds from the sale of the SFC building to the UDM Legacy Campaign Fund.

The SFCAF continues to get together in small groups and enjoy the comraderie and memories of the past.  Please take some time to browse our humble web site.  If you are a member, I am sure you will find a smile; if you aren't a member, you will probably have no clue what this is all about but may enjoy it anyway.

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